Guy’s Cancer Charity

This is not just Guy’s Cancer Charity – this is Yinka’s Cancer Charity, Deepak’s Cancer Charity, Maya’s Cancer Charity, Jonny’s Cancer Charity, Ade’s Cancer Charity, Aisha’s Cancer Charity, My Mum’s Cancer Charity… The logotype can be endlessly adapted and personalised in a way that directly humanises the brand.

As well as telling emotional patient and family stories, we also wanted to celebrate the organisation’s amazing staff – and draw direct connections between the two. Jonathan’s Research and Jo’s treatment, Mo’s care and Omar’s recovery, and so on.

In the moment when tough news is given, all of Guy’s Cancer belongs to the listener. Elsewhere, teams of researchers dedicate themselves totally... and so reshape Guy’s Cancer daily. And when a supporter raises money in memory of someone who will never be forgotten, Guy’s Cancer is moved forward in their name. Our brand understands that Guy’s Cancer Charity is about the lives of individuals shaping and being shaped by the advances we make. We find a person behind every moment of progress.

"In 2021 we were undertaking a significant rebrand at the Foundation, creating five new brands to represent distinct areas of our work and separate our B2B and B2C communications. Sutherl& joined the project at a critical time where we had a strong strategy but were struggling with the identity of two of our fundraising brands. This was particularly challenging for our cancer fundraising brand, given the very crowded and competitive field. They blew us away with their interpretation of the strategy, creating a confident, distinct and powerful concept. The team were a pleasure to work with throughout the process - receptive and responsive and adding huge value to the work.

In the year since the new brand launched, we have grown our donor base by 40%, more than doubled the number of online donations, increased the valued of donations by 28% and increased brand awareness in London from 41% to 56%."

Catherine Cullen, Exec Director of Communications & Engagement
Guy’s And St Thomas’ Foundation Trust