Twenty-five Sculptures in Five Dimensions

Twenty-five Sculptures In Five Dimensions was a self-promotion project for writer Tom Sharp. On the one-night only event people were invited to tear off five of their favourite five-line sculptures, printed on the pads placed on plinths. These were then rolled into a 5x5 cm square tube. Visitors were intrigued, challenged amused, transported.

200 guests attended the Swiss Church for a one-night-only event. Everything in the room was based on multiples of five. Our contacts walked between twenty-five 500mm plinths of five heights, set out in a 5 x 5 grid. Each plinth had a ‘sculpture’ on it – a five line, five syllables to each line, piece of text that created a physical object in the reader’s mind. The event was five hours in length and was soundtracked by Tony-nominated composer Alex Baranowski, who created five movements of sound lasting five minutes each, all based on musical fifths.

Sculptor – Tom Sharp, The poetry of it all
Sound design – Alex Baranowski
Essay – Anna Souter