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A collection of recent projects, news, observations and things.


Things that I have seen, read, and listened to,
that inspire and influence me. Interesting things
by interesting people.

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Graphic Chess

An eclectic collection of chess related design & art.
Chess pieces, boards, books, words, patterns, paintings, sculptures & posters. Compiled by Jim Sutherland, graphic designer and (poor) chess player.

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Reconfigured chessboards. Variations on a theme
Square board. 64 squares. 32 white. 32 black

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A photographic series that finds magic in the mundane world of road markings. Shot on an iPhone camera, the photos explore the unexpected beauty of the textures, the colour and depth of the industrial paint, and the shared industrial folk language of signs, marks, symbols and glyphs. The best time to shoot is in early or late sunshine after rain. Always check for oncoming traffic first.

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Oscar Wilde

Some of us are looking at the gutter as well.

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A collection of old and new posters, prints and artworks.

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